Building and Planning Applications

Planning and building permit applications require screening due to the risk a proposed or existing activity may have on drinking water in vulnerable areas. If a property is not within a vulnerable area or if the activity does not trigger a Prohibition or Risk Management Plan policy, the application will proceed as normal. Find out if your property is within a vulnerable area here. To find out which source protection plan applies to you click here.

 If a property is located within a vulnerable area, applicants will be asked to fill out a short Source Water Protection Screening Application Form. The application will then be screened by municipal staff ,and possibly the Risk Management Official, to assess if the proposed activities pose a risk to drinking water quality or quantity before an application can be approved.

If the application is sent to the Risk Management Official, the application can proceed in four different ways through the process:

  1. Notice Not Required: The proposed or existing activities are not located in a vulnerable area and/or are not a drinking water threat. Application can proceed without a notice.
  2. Permitted Notice (Section 59 2a): The location/nature of the existing or proposed activity requires a notice however the activity is not prohibited or restricted. Application will need a notice to proceed.
  3. Risk Management Plan Required (Section 59 2b): The activities that are already or will be occurring on the site pose a threat to drinking water (e.g chemical and/or pesticide handling and/or storage). The application cannot proceed without a Risk Management Plan which is negotiated and accepted by both the Risk Management Official and the applicant.
  4.  Prohibition notice: In rare cases a land use activity may be considered prohibited depending on the Source Protection Plan that is in place. The application cannot be approved and no permit will be issued.

See our Planning and Development Application Fact Sheet for more details

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