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Why is my property being visited?

This is a program run by Wellington Source Water Protection and your municipality. The site visit program is an assessment of activities occurring on industrial / commercial / institutional properties to determine the potential for those activities to impact municipal wells. The visit is primarily an education visit to inform owners / tenants about the Clean Water Act and any potential obligations. Our consultants or staff will also walk you through a survey regarding activities such as chemical handling, fuel storage, waste etc.

Your property is being visited because it is within a vulnerable area for your local municipal water supply well.

The vulnerable areas include well head protection areas with a groundwater vulnerability score of 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 (yellow, orange and red areas on maps) and ‘issues contributing area’. An ‘issues contributing area’ is a well head protection area for a well that has contaminant already present in the municipal well (ie nitrates, trichloroethylene). These areas have been established by local and provincial experts using the best available science. The results are published in watershed based Assessment Reports and Source Protection Plans. (link to SPP pages)

Who will complete the site visit?

Depending on your municipality, it will either be municipal staff or a consultant hired to complete the site visits. The consultant is R.J. Burnside and Associates and they will be completing site visits in Erin, Puslinch, Centre Wellington, Mapleton and Wellington North. Municipal staff will be conducting the site visits in Minto and Guelph / Eramosa.

How do I schedule a site visit?

Erin, Puslinch, Centre Wellington, Wellington North, Mapleton
Once residents have received their information notice, please call R.J. Burnside at 1-800-265-9662 EXT. 1564.
Or go online at
Minto, Guelph / Eramosa
Municipal staff will be in touch to schedule a time for a site visit.

Do I have to be present for the site visit?

Yes, it is important that someone familiar with the operations of the business be present. This could be an owner, manager, maintenance staff, supervisor, environmental or health and safety personnel, lead hand, foreman etc.

How long will the site visit take?

The site visit will take about 45 to 60 minutes.

What sorts of things will the site visit being looking at? Is this an inspection?

No, the site visit is not an inspection. This is an education visit to discuss the purpose of the Clean Water Act and whether there may be requirements for your business to follow. Whether requirements apply to your business depends on the activities being conducted there. In particular, the Clean Water Act prescribes 21 types of activities including: waste handling, fuel storage, chemical handling (organic solvents and dense non-aqueous phase liquids), fertilizer storage and application, pesticide storage and application, road salt application and storage. Requirements under the Clean Water Act and Source Protection Plan are generally volume or chemical based. Small volumes of chemicals associated with these activities generally will not trigger requirements. The purpose of the site visits is to determine the approximate volumes and / or chemicals on site.